Cover art for THE DINER by Billie Eilish

THE DINER 翻完我們就正式宣告 HIT ME HARD AND SOFT 全專翻譯完畢啦

把這張專輯這樣徹頭徹尾的翻譯好像又再重新回味了一次這張專輯一樣 我覺得感覺非常美妙

THE DINER 當初有看我 Reaction 的人應該就知道這是我專輯裡面最還好的一首歌

但我說過我不討厭這首歌 我只是覺得前面幾首歌太過亮眼了 這首就顯得遜色了一些

但這首歌塑造的 spooky vibe 絕對是有把歌曲的氛圍感做出來 且仔細研讀了歌詞之後

就會發現這首歌講述的歌詞其實是非常細思極恐的 這首歌在說的是 Billie 生涯中遇過的跟蹤者

他們全天候的等著要堵他 對他有非分之想 擅闖進他的家中 一開始會以為是以他當第一視角

但真正看完歌詞之後真的會有點驚恐 只能說這首歌的歌詞實在太過直白到腦中真的會有畫面感


我在自己的 YouTube 錄了 HIT ME HARD AND SOFT 專輯 Reaction 🌊



Don't be afraid of me 請別害怕我
I'm what you need 我是你需要的那個人

[Verse 1]
I saw you on the screens 在螢幕上看到你
I know we're meant to be 就知道我們是命中註定
You're starrin' in my dreams 你總是我夢境裡的主角
In magazines 雜誌照片中
You're lookin' right at me (You're lookin' right at me) 你總是眼神直直盯著我看
I'm here around the clock 我會全天候在這等著你
I'm waitin' on your block (I'm waitin' on your block) 在你家街區等著你到來
But please don't call the cops 但拜託別叫警察來
They'll make me stop 他們會阻止我的行為
And I just wanna talk (I just wanna talk) 我只是想和你講講話

Bet I could change your life 我敢說我能改變你的人生
You could be my wife (Wife, wife) 你可以成為我的妻子 
Could get into a fight (Fight) 可能彼此間會起些爭端
I'll say, "You're right" 但我永遠都會說你是對的
And you'll kiss me goodnight 你會親吻我向我道晚安

I waited on the corner 'til I saw the sitter leave 我會在角落坐著等待看門的人離開
Was easy getting over and I landed on my feet 要闖入可簡單 我雙腳輕鬆著地
I came in through the kitchen lookin' for something to eat 進到廚房找些能吃的東西
I left a calling card so they would know that it was me 我留下一張名條 才會有人知道我來過

(Ah, ah, ah)

[Verse 2]
I tried to save you, but I failed 我試著拯救你但我失敗了
Two fifty thousand dollar bail (Two hundred fifty thousand dollar)  二十五萬元交保
While I'm away, don't read my mail (Don't read my mail) 當我不在時別偷看我信箱
Just bring a veil (Just bring a veil) 只要記得穿上婚紗
And come visit me in jail (Visit me in jail) 來監獄探訪我就好了

I'll go back to the diner 我會重返那間餐館
I'll write another letter (I'll write another letter) 再留下一張紙條
I hope you'll read it this time 希望這次你會記得讀
You better 你最好要記得

The cops around the corner stopped me when I tried to leave 附近的警察在我試著要逃跑時將我停下
They told me I was crazy and they knocked me off my feet (They told me I was crazy) 他們說我發了瘋 將我擊倒在地
They came in through the kitchen lookin' for something discrete 他們來到廚房試圖找到我說謊的證據
I left a calling card so they would know that it was me 我留下一張名條 才會有人知道我來過

(Ah, ah, know that it was me) 才會知道我來過

I memorized your number, now I call you when I please 我現在記得你的號碼了 我開心就會打給你
I tried to end it all, but now I'm back up on my feet 試著要結束一切 但終究又是重蹈覆徹
I saw you in the car with someone else and couldn't sleep 看見你在車上和某人親密的模樣 讓我徹夜難眠
If somethin' happens to him, you can bet that it was me 若他發生了什麼事 你知道一定是我幹的



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